FREEPLUS Inc. to invest in floor vr LLC, a company specialized in the production of VR experiences


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CEO, Kentaro Suda
Main Contact:President
s Office Head, Masaya Kakiuchi 


FREEPLUS Inc. to invest in floor vr LLC, a company specialized in the production of VR experiences

FREEPLUS Inc. that specializes in Inbound Travels (Main Office: Osaka, Kita-ku, CEO: Kentaro Suda, hereinafter referred to as we) has acquired a private offering of new shares and unsecured convertible bonds from floor vr LLC (Main Office: Osaka, Kita-ku, CEO: Masashi Miyazaki, hereinafter referred to as floor vr LLC). In order to offer travels with VR experiences, a business alliance is to be held and we are to strengthen our relationship with floor vr LLC by further investing after being a joint-stock company.


1. Background and purpose

VR (Virtual Reality) is recently getting considerate attention with the fast-paced development of computer technology. Using a pair of special dedicated spectacles, VR utilizes the effects of pictures and sounds made with a computer and makes it possible to undergo a vicarious experience. VR market will further expand in the future, and it is expected to reach 95.1 billion dollars of worth by 2025, especially the entertainment industry which is accounting for 75% of this number.

Having entered the inbound travel business since October 2010, within 7 years, FREEPLUS Inc. has received inbound tourists from 550 travel agencies in 31 different countries. Driven by aid and ease of Japans travel visa standards, and the increase in international flights to Japan, the number of inbound tourists that the Company accepts has been increasing. On the other hand, many people have yet to visit Japan on the grounds of temporal or economical problems. Also, it is difficult for some people to choose Japan as a travel destination with information gained only though the internet and SNS, as it is hard to convey its beauty in some cases.

With floor vrs accumulated know-how knowledge of VR experience production, and our companys knowledge of Japan travels along with our network with overseas travel agencies, the planning of VR traveling, production and sales are all made possible. After forming a business tie-up with floor vr LLC, the company will develop VR travels allowing vicarious experiences in tourist attractions within various parts of Japan.

Furthermore, the Company will pursue vertical integration strategy of inbound tourism business, making Japan more foreign tourists friendly, and a great tourism-oriented nation.

2. floor vr LLC. Overview
・Name             :floor vr LLC. 
・Established On       :August 26, 2016
・CEO              :Masashi Miyazaki
・Address                            :2F, HARU Building, 1-19-6 Honjo-Higashi, Kita-ku, Osaka
・Business Description          :Producing VR experiences 

3. FREEPLUS Inc. Overview

・Name                                :FREEPLUS Inc.
・Established On                   :June 8, 2007
・Capital                               :115,009,440JPY( Including Capital Reserve)
・CEO                                   :Kentaro Suda
・Address                             :Grand Front Tower A 29F. 4-20 Ofuka-cho, Kita-ku, Osaka
・Business Description          :Inbound Travel


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